African Greys


​The African Grey (Psittacus erithacus)  is widely known for its outstanding talking abilities.  

​It has been reported that African Greys can accumulate a vocabulary consisting of well over 1000 different words and phrases!

All our Greys are the ever popular Congo African Grey or the "Cameroon African Grey" as some call them.


Key Characteristics/Advantages:


  • Great mimic/talking abilities
  • Beautiful gray and white body with red tail feathers
  • Medium to large sized bird    
  • Can live to be well over 60 years!
  • Incredibly inquisitive and intelligent


Key Considerations:

  • Does not always feel comfortable with strangers
  • Can have a very strong bond with owner/family
  • Some are finicky eaters   
  • Best to get when young, unless experienced



Our baby greys go faster than any other species we sell.  We highly recommend reserving a baby grey as soon as it hatches.