1) In which types of rescue do you participate?


We are licensed by the State of Texas for rescue and rehabilitation of wildlife.  Every
 year we help with injured or orphaned squirrels, cottontails, wild birds, deer, possum, 
raccoon, etc.  We rehabilitate them and release them when they are strong enough to
 live on their own.  We also participate in domestic rescue, rescuing pet birds, cats and
 dogs, and even horses.   

2) Do you accept donations?


Yes!  Rescuing and rehabilitating animals is a costly endeavor.  We spend lots each 
year buying food, formula, linens, caging, paying for surgeries, etc.    Unfortunately,
 I have never received a reimbursement check from a squirrel!  Donations help 
offset some of our expense.   We also lovingly accept donations of cages, kennels, 
caging material, heating pads, towels, bandages, formula, clean pine shavings, etc.  
Your donation is tax deductible.  

You can send donations to:
SAVE THE ANIMALS PROJECT                       
PO BOX 754                       
Pflugerville, Texas 78691-0754

​Or, you can paypal your donation to 

3) Are there other ways I can help?


Yes!  Volunteer to be a foster for a dog or cat in need.  Volunteer to walk dogs at the 
shelter.  This helps them retain their socialization, stretch their legs, and get fresh air.   
Adopt your next dog or cat instead of buying it from a breeder or pet store.  There are
 thousands of purebred dogs and cats available.  In fact, there are literally hundreds of
 breed-specific rescue groups. If your heart is open to a mutt, they have their definite 
advantages also! If you have a dog or cat, please spay or neuter it.  This is a tremendous 
help to prevent unwanted dogs and cats from being born.  Most of the animals in the 
shelter come from backyard breeders and/or people who want to have "just one litter".  

4) Can you help me find a home for my dog/cat/bird?


Yes, we can help.  Please contact us at  so we can figure
 out the best placement possibilities.  

5) I found a baby (squirrel, possum, etc). Can you help me?


Yes.  But if possible, please call us before removing the baby from the location 
where you found it.  Many babies are removed from the nest by people who are 
trying to "do the right thing".  Wildlife mothers leave the nest for MANY HOURS 
to forage for food, etc.  The baby's chance for survival is much greater if it is 
raised in the wild.   We can discuss the circumstances and decide the best course 
of action together. 



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