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Stella is such a lover!! ANYONE can take her out & she immediately
 extends her neck for a kiss.  George is really talking more. It's
 funny. Not only does he say "step up" but now he clearly says 
"Stop it. Zip it. and no".  It's so funny when the other birds start 
making noise, George goes "Stop it." or "Zip it". He just started
 telling Stella "No" and to "Stop it"when she gets noisy. He's still
 the noisiest of all though :)                   

Alicia [proud mother to "George," a Sun Conure and "Stella," a Galah Cockatoo] Round Rock, TX



". . . we couldn't be happier with "Curly", he acts like he feels the
 same. He . . . listens pretty good as far as stepping up. . .he enjoys 
playing and loves carrots, corn, grapes, apples and oranges along
 with his regular Zupreem. . . we absolutely love him very much. 
Thanks for everything and if we decide to get more in the future 
we know who to contact."                               

Todd and Carina [proud parents of "Curly" an Orange Wing 
Amazon Parrot]  Abilene, TX




Tyche and Nemesis

 Full Nest Aviary has provided me with a pair of Greek Goddesses,
Tyche and Nemesis, in the form of two Umbrella Cockatoos.
Took possession of Tyche in November 2015 and she has a
wonderful kind nature and is very intelligent. Nemesis became a
member of the family in September, 2017 and has quickly adapted
to her surroundings.

Both birds are very happy (unclipped wings and never in a cage),
and extremely social in their behavior. I couldn't have purchased
two better companion animals. 

Thanks Melissa for raising what
has become an important part of my family.

                                     Tim Wolff
                                     New Mexico